Dr. Michael-Bogdan Mărgineanu

Michael Bogdan Mărgineanu is currently based at the Centre for Gene and Cellular Therapies OncoGen, Timișoara, where he is studying the allergenicity of recombinant ragweed allergens for the INSPIRED research project focused on developing effective allergen-specific immunotherapy and an allergen-based diagnostic kit for ragweed allergy patients (www.oncogen.ro).

Michael has completed his PhD studies in the group of Prof. Pierre Magistretti, Division of Bioscience, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), his MS studies in the group of Prof. Timothy Ravasi at KAUST, and holds a BS degree in Biochemistry and Cell Biology from Jacobs University Bremen.

He has been a Visiting Scholar at the APC Microbiome Institute, Cork, Ireland, and University of Cambridge, UK, and has been nominated as one of the 600 young scientists from 84 countries to attend the 68th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting dedicated to Physiology and Medicine.