Dr. Bayar Menzat

Dr. Bayar Menzat is a researcher working at the interface of Machine Learning and Biology. Dr. Bayar Menzat finished his BSc in Computer Science at Essex University where he won best project prize for a game he built for physical rehabilitation using the Kinect body tracking camera. During that period Dr. Bayar Menzat also worked in a computer vision lab investigating feature detectors which led to his first publication.
In the following years he was an EPSRC funded DPhil student in Neuroscience at Oxford University focused on modelling olfactory learning.
After graduating Dr. Bayar Menzat worked in a precision psychiatry startup where he developed Machine Learning models for extracting patient information from electronic healthcare records and led a study focused on understanding treatment resistant depression in the UK. Presently Dr. Bayar Menzat works for Etcembly, an immunotherapy startup, where his work is focused on developing protein models aimed at understanding patient TCR repertoires.

Dr. Bayar Menzat main interests are: neurodegenerative diseases, immunology, synthetic biology, explainable machine learning.