Andreea Luchian

Currently Andreea Luchian is a postgraduate researcher at the University of Liverpool, where her primary focus lies in the development and validation of diverse methodologies based on artificial intelligence-guided bioimage analysis to quantify renal injury using mouse models of acute and chronic kidney injury. Andreea Luchian successfully completed her master’s studies in Molecular Pathology at the University of Manchester and obtained her undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Bradford.
As a digital pathology enthusiast, she is a strong advocate for the integration and utilisation of this field in both clinical and research settings. Andreea Luchian has had the privilege of participating in several national and international conferences, where she has shared her expertise. In 2022, she was honoured to be awarded the best poster prize at the European Society of Veterinary Pathology Congress for her work on deep learning-based quantification of tumour and necrosis in rodent models of glioblastoma.
Beyond Andreea Luchian’s academic pursuits, she is passionate about communicating and disseminating scientific knowledge to the general public. To this end, Andreea Luchian had the opportunity to be a key speaker at the Pint of Science 2022 event. As part of the “Rise of the Machines: The Future of Healthcare?” session, she engaged in an insightful discussion, addressing the intriguing question: “How do you train an AI mind without losing yours?”