The Biomentorhub Association is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-political, independent association with the following objectives:

– connecting young pupils and students interested in identifying study programs and carrying out research activities in the fields of biosciences and medicine with experienced mentors, specialized in these fields.

– supporting Romanian specialists from the diaspora with research experience in biosciences or medicine, interested in discovering professional and collaboration opportunities in Romania, by identifying mentors from academia, government, industry who can guide them in this endeavour.

– contributing to the development of scientific research in Romania.

– moral and material support of pupils, students with very good results in the fields of biosciences and medicine and researchers working in the fields of biosciences and medicine.

– promoting interdisciplinary research in biosciences, medicine, engineering and informatics.

Biomentorhub is an initiative based on volunteering, carried out by a group of young Romanians, who believe in the value of mentoring and believe that it can have a decisive role in the professional training of young people as well as in supporting those specialists who study or works in the diaspora.

By offering support to current and future generations of researchers and specialists in these fields, Biomentorhub will catalyze the development of research in biosciences and medicine in Romania and beyond. By promoting collaboration and communication between experienced specialists and young creatives with potential, Biomentorhub will facilitate innovative projects with impact in these fields.

The Biomentorhub team

Michael-Bogdan Mărgineanu

Founder and President

Bianca-Cristina Cristescu


Mircea Tihu


Tatiana Rodideal

Vice-president Educational Initiatives

Elena Mladin

General Secretary

Diana Rotaru

US Chapter Coordinator

Laurențiu Gherase

Legal Counselor

Lavinia Uscătescu

Science communicator and Global Ambassador

Science communication

Alin Mustață

Translator and scientific content creator

Cristian Spătaru

Translator and scientific content creator

Alina Pența

Translator and scientific content creator

Irina Poenaru

Web editor


Ștefania Raluca Niculete

Mentor Relations

Teodor Ștefăniță

Mentoring coordinator


Alex Brad

Brand Identity Designer

Alexandra Oțoiu


Darius Gabriel Dorobanțu

Photographer and Graphic Designer